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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dark Hollow Part 2

Snow: *Is pretending the bag is Charming as she shoves all the arrows into it over and over and over again*

Charming: So honey, do you think if I stay long enough, I’ll start to become part of the forest like the guys in Davy Jones ship in the Pirates movies?

Snow: You’re not helping!
Charming: What?

Emma: Mommy and daddy are fighting about serious life and death situations! Just like a real family!

Emma: Wouldn’t have minded skipping this part though honestly.

Snow: Don’t you have serious mission to go get ready for while we…go find Tinkerbelle to tell her we have a way off and hope Pan’s not listening at the time?

Emma: Hey now! I don’t want to squabble with you when I’m going to be listening to squabbling the whole way to the cave. I’m pretty sure the shadows are going to know we’re coming even before we arrive.

Snow: Can’t I be furious at your father in peace?

Emma: Not when a manipulative psycho that wants this sort of thing is flying around! For God’s sakes, why can’t we just get along?

*Love Triangle staring contest*

Emma: I really wish I was with your team right now…

Snow: Good let’s switch.

Emma: I don’t wish it that much.

Henry: So worried about Pan finding out about me knowing my parents are here…I can’t tell him, I can’t tell him…
 Pan: WHY are you still sitting here by yourself pouting? This is Felix’s birthday; we have a conga line set up!


Pan: Wait, what?
 Henry: I mean ….are we going to see any lost ladies anytime soon?

Pan: I’m….not….lying….

Pan: *Face contorts like it usually does when he’s caught in his own lie*

Pan: *Is certain that this is Felix’s fault* If your family that actually loved you was here, I would tell you. But some other losers came and we don’t talk about them.

Henry: LIES

Pan: *Contort face*

Pan: What do you know? You’re not even twelve!

Henry: Dude, I lived with a woman that was lying to me for years. You think I can’t spot a fibber?

Pan: …. I didn’t think of that.

Henry: I’ll go find my family myself!

Pan: Except you’re going to completely wrong way….

Felix: I told you this wasn’t going to work
Pan: No one freaking asked you, Felix.

Pan: We’re just going to have to manipulate him a little more.

Pan: Why are you smirking?

Felix: Because his family is full of manipulators, you think he won’t spot one?
Pan: ……

Pan: Nooooooo? 
Felix: This plan is doomed.

Hook: Hey! These are my books!
Baelfire: Yuuuup.
Baelfire: *giggles*

Emma: Look, mom and dad are gone. And the tension was so thick that it’s STILL there; can we get a move on?

Baelfire: We will go soon enough! As soon as I find my favorite pet coconut. *Random Rumple gesture*
Hook: *Facepalms and actually remembers not to hit himself with the hook this time*

Emma: Oh wait, I snagged that! I’ll go get it! *scampers off*

Hook: Dude, I know this probably isn’t the best time, considering we’re all about to go possibly die but Emma and I totes made out and you weren’t invited.

Baelfire: What? I couldn’t hear you over getting ready to save my son.

Hook: I said we were rolling all over the jungle floor playing tonsil hockey. Rolled down some trees too.  What? She didn’t tell you?

Baelfire: I’m confused at why you think she would.

Hook: *Is playing him* Oh. My bad then.

 Hook: *can’t hide his giggle*

Baelfire: *is wondering if he has time to punch Hook in the face hard enough to knock him out and blame Pan for it*

Hook: We’re totes okay, right?

Baelfire: Seriously, my son’s life is in danger and you’re bringing this up now?

Hook: I’m not caught up with the other world’s customs. Is that a yes or no?

Baelfire: *Is seriously about to belt him and claim he slipped on a banana peel*

Emma: I found the coconut! Dad was using it to smash bugs for lunch.

Baelfire: *Plotting his death*

Emma: Aww, look at you two getting along and everything!

Baelfire: Check out my stellar coconut.

Hook: You only have one. You should get that checked out.

Baelfire: Obviously that’s all I need.

Hook: *Is insulted*

Emma: What are we talking about?”

Emma: Wait, I don’t want to know

Emma: Are we ready?

Hook: I’m always ready.

Emma: *Has been hanging out with Rumple and him for so long she can’t tell if that’s an innuendo or not*

Hook: ….are we going? Because I have no clue where I’m supposed to go….

Baelfire: Sweet. Baelfire Cassidy Stiltskin for team leader then…

Emma: Well I didn’t vote for you…

*Can’t believe Bae took the situation and turned it to his advantage*

Belle: Where did he put that teacup?

Belle: Nope, not up there…

Ariel: That’ll go in Regina’s throat real good, don’t you think? Maybe this time I won’t miss her spinal column

Ariel: It’s all twisty….

Belle: Uh…you better be careful, the last guy that stole from Rumple got beaten on his own ship and nearly got fireball'd….and the one before him got tortured and nearly shot….it’s usually not too beneficial to steal from my man…

Ariel: What he won’t know won’t hurt him! *Shoves it in her already bulging pockets*

Belle: That’s it! He put it in the cabinet that keeps thieves away!

Ariel: I solved the mystery!

Belle: *Won’t let her relevancy be taken from her* Ffffffffff

Belle: *Is humoring her* Sure Ariel….you were relevant….

Belle: Aw…I remember the time he terrified me so much I dropped this cup. And then he DIDN’T beat me like I was terrified he might for dropping it. Those were the early days of our love after he bought me in exchange for getting rid of the ogres.

Ariel: This does not sound like a story I want to hear…

Belle: Oh right, the saucer…

Belle: *Puts in the security combination where Ariel can’t see*

Ariel: LIGHTS!

Belle: Oh hey, under the trap door where he really keeps thieves away…

Belle: I’m surprised there isn’t more here with how everyone comes tromping in to steal things.

Belle: Oh my god, this power!

Belle: With this box, I can get back at the people that wronged me ever in my life starting with my father and Regina, and Smee, and Hook, and all the losers that forgot I existed last season…

Ariel: Humans are weird…

Belle: I’m holding a box! Yay!

Ariel: So can we go now? I sort of would like to get going by some time next year…

Belle: *Squee* *squee* *squee*

Belle: Sorry, what?

Belle: *Squees some more*

John: Hand over the box!
Michael: Why’d you leave the door unlocked for?

Belle: What box?

John: The box we saw you put behind your back!

Belle: * Drops with a loud clatter* What box?

Belle: *stomps with her heels*

John: Look, I’ll shoot you!

Belle: Don’t believe him, Ariel. That’s the water guns that Rumple and I use during our role-play.

John: *Knew he should’ve just gone for the sword in the front room and not the gun*

Michael: Now tell us everything or I’ll show you my chest!

Belle: No.

Michael: Oh…*Has no idea what to do* “Okay then…”

Michael: Pan’s totes going to use this for diabolical reasons…

Ariel: *Spits at John*

Ariel: You’ll never get us to say anything while we’re alive!

John: My glasses! Don’t you ruin them; they’re my only pair for the last 300 years!

Michael: Grr!

Belle: There’s good in you! I can feel it!
Ariel: *Rolls eyes*

John: Does that….usually work?

Belle: Sometimes!

John: We are far too clever for such trickery!

Belle: I…really don’t buy that…

John: *Lip quivers*

Belle: I mean seriously, you two look like puppies…it’s sort of cute really…

Felix: For @^&@^ sakes, make it believable.

Pan: *Whispers* I am! Don’t make me break character!

Pan: And make sure HENRY doesn’t find out! It’d be terrible if HENRY followed you!
 Felix: Kill me now.

Pan: *Skips off*

Henry: Teeheehee, he’ll never suspect a thing…

Henry: Just name me the new Stealthy!

Felix: Go to Rumple; BEG him to rip my heart out….

Charming: Hook was right; this rum tree that he keeps refilling at is great! Want some?
Snow: *Baps it down*

Charming: *Is sad* One would think you were mad at me…

Charming: Hey, at least you found out now instead of later, wouldn’t that be awkward when we were all packed to leave?

Snow: Your David Nolan is showing. *Stomps off*

Charming: Geez that was low….

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