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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Part 2

Emma: Well that was tedious…


Emma: You’re not watching that tacky wrestling show again are you?

Emma: Because the Attitude Era is where it’s at…and I’m not sure you’re old enough to enjoy that yet….

Rudo: Ermm…..nope! Playing video games!
Emma: Are bulbs that hang this low with a string holding them up safe?

Rudo: He propose yet?

Emma: Rudo, will you quit asking that? You’ve asked every date we’ve been on!

Emma:  Oh sweet mercy! I’m out of those shoes…


Emma: So are we advertising a game that’s about to come out?
Rudo: I dunno. He propose yet?

Emma: *glares*
Rudo: You didn’t answer my question earlier!

Emma: He did and I said I’d think about it!

Rudo: Did he cry? I hope he cried.

Rudo: Ooo, the image is so sweet to imagine…

Emma: You know, if you don’t like him, just say so.

Rudo: I totally love the guy.
Emma: Mmhmm…

Emma: He sobbed a little bit as he walked away…
Rudo: Yessss!

Emma: *Sometimes she worries about the things that randomly come out of his mouth that are so unRudo*

Rudo: *Henry Glare*

Emma: *Twitches like she always does at that face*

Rudo: *Henry glare*

Emma: Stop it! I know you’re just using that to get more points!

Rudo: What?! NO!

Rudo: ….is it working?

Emma: Go to your room, Rudo!

Charming: Oh man, good thing these clothes were nearby! REALLY happy we’re all the same size as Philip and Aurora…hope they don’t notice we cleaned them out…

Sneezy: We’re dwarves again! Do you know that this means? We’re going to be slave labor again!
Bashful: *Is thrilled about this*

Grumpy: Hey Jiminy! What’s up? Oh, you’re mourning? Hey, you’ve got a little black suit on; I can see that but Jiminy….you always wear black…

Grumpy: Whoa! Jiminy! Watch your language!

Grumpy: Hey Charming! You need to give that cricket a talking to!

Charming: What’s going on?
Grumpy: He said that everyone was popping up into fields and that Rumple still wasn’t in any of them because he’s dead. He also said it in more colorful language…

Grumpy: Can I have the cardboard cutout of Red?

Charming: NO!

Grumpy: That makes me Grumpy.

Charming: Your name was Grumpy before! I don’t get it!

Hook: Where’s the rum?

Charming: Um….this is my horse…

Hook: Not anymore. I’m leaving you Charming.

Charming: What? Why?

Hook: There’s another in my life! She’s faster than you are. More reliable and she’s weathered many things with me. Her name is Roger…Jolly Roger!

Charming: You’re not staying with us?

Hook: Well, now that Emma’s not here, there’s nothing in it for me!

Charming: Holy crap, you change sides faster than Regina does…

Charming: Fine! But let me keep the flask to remember out time together!

Hook: I sort of still need that….

Hook: Especially since it’s not your daughter that’s keeping me warm anymore

Charming: She never kept you warm! *storms off*
Hook: Hee hee!

Hook: I hope we never meet again

Snow: You’re not staying?
Charming: Snow! We just had this conversation!

Snow: But he was also so thoughtful….of himself…
Charming: I never liked him…


Charming: Crap, I should do something about that….

Baelfire: So, now that we’re all here and the pirate finally left, do you think that maybe we could get on getting Emma and my son back?

Charming: No….our daughter that thinks we abandoned her on the side of some street now thinks that’s the case again and maybe we should just forget about her!
Snow: Mmhmm! The ‘I will find you’ vending machine just sold out!

Baelfire: Are you serious?! My son is there too and I promised him I’d never leave him again!

Charming: Get over it man!

Snow: We sort of don’t care…

Snow: I cared in season 2 when I wanted to stay with Emma no matter what….but then I sort of didn’t anymore…

Baelfire: Are you two serious?

Snow: Can’t you just let her be happy thinking you’re the scum of the earth and we’re terrible people?

Charming: I have no opinion other than Snow’s….

Baelfire: You two are complete morons.

Charming: Where are you going?
Baelfire: the group left you like thirty minutes ago! I’m going to go catch up with them!

Emma: I work for such a prestigious company to afford an apartment this big…

Rudo: I’m bored. Did you say ‘yes’ yet?

Emma: Here's your note excusing you for being tardy because this might’ve been a school day…

Rudo: Can’t I just stay home to watch TV?

Emma: Ugh, ask that every day…

Emma: Even the days you’re actually sick….

Emma: Henry, you can’t stay home from school and I haven’t said yes yet. Now let me wear my plaid paints of indecision and leave me alone!

Rudo: I guess he could be a good father if I really let him….but I won’t. I gotta test him you know…for the rest of his purpose driven life.

Emma: *Ruffles* That’s my boy!
Rudo: *Is embarrassed* MOM!

Emma: You’re still my little boy!
Rudo: MOM!

Emma: I am determined!

*Neal’s Door always getting picked*

Emma: Oh good, it’s not a prank and I’d break into someone’s house…

Emma: How is all of his stuff still here? It’s been a year! Was he squatting?

Emma: Hm….smells like dirty family secrets got exposed in here….

Emma: Hey! This looks like the dream catcher that Neal and I….oh….

Emma: Welp! Mine now!

Emma: Would you like to be my son’s Christmas present?

Emma: Neal Cassidy is obviously a fake chump name…

Emma: What on earth…..?

Emma: Hey, ‘Henry’ just like my son’s middle name….

Emma: I could steal this…..

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