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Friday, January 3, 2014

3x03 Part 4

Mulan: Can’t believe I got lost eight times coming back from the kitchen…

Robin: Oh go to sleep son, I’m sure that shadow won’t get pissy at his failed kidnapping and come back for you so sleeping near the window is a solid idea.

Mulan: Well, since your Merry Men brought horses, I’m going to swipe one and ride to Philip and Aurora’s castle.

Robin: Did you and Bae seriously walk all the way there?

Mulan: After dragging him all the way back from safe haven, yeah!

Robin: That is SO hot!
Mulan: *Is checking out*

Robin: Hey…want a job as one of my merry…erm…’persons’?

Mulan: Sorry Robin, but I plan on seeing other people.

Robin: Oooooo People

*Got game*

Robin: I could be one of those people.

Mulan: *Is failing to contain her laughter*

Mulan: I’ve seen your parenting skills. No thanks

Aurora: I just love the enchanted hair dye filler that Maleficent left behind…

Aurora: Oh…Mulan’s back…that that was unexpectedly unfortunate.

Mulan: I’m back! *Squees* And I have news! I love-

Aurora: Philip and I are opening up a cheesecake factory!

Mulan: *Hated cheesecake factories* -Brussle sprouts. I love Brussels sprouts.

Mulan: How am I supposed to be with either/or/and of these people if they want to open up something like that?!

Aurora: Also I might be pregnant, which does give us an approximate time length on how long season 2 lasted!

Mulan: Y-yeah, that corset you’re wearing will be great for the little tyke

Aurora: My kid lucked out in the gene pool, let me tell you.

Mulan: Well, I’m going to hang out with Robin Hood. I came miles and miles just to tell you that.

Aurora: I ship you two together!
Mulan: You haven’t even seen us interact!

Mulan: Well….here I go…

Aurora: See ya! Philip and I will have this whole castle all to ourselves!

Mulan: Yeah, I’m sure that’ll be hard for you.

Aurora: Be jealous.

Mulan: Man, I hate Brussels sprouts.

Hook: Oh! I found her! Next to our love cave!

Tinker Bell: Hey, you don’t have to advertise our failed relationship everywhere!

Hook: That’s right guys, kill her or threaten her. That’ll make her tell us where Regina is and help get Henry.

Tinker Bell: Please. Like I haven’t been shot and stabbed and dropped from high places before.

Hook: Tink! Stop talking about our dating life! Emma will get jealous.

Regina: WHAT?!?!?!?! You guys aren’t saving Henry at this exact moment?!

Regina: Also, do I have anyone’s permission to summon a bathhouse because I’m covered in grime.

Hook: Nice bird nest you got there on your head, Tink.

Tinker Bell: *Eyesex* Hey Hook…Lose all your buttons to your shirt?
Regina: WHAT is going on?

Hook: *Eyesex* I’m sure they’re on me somewhere. Or on you…we should make sure to check everywhere.

Regina: He’s my boyfriend…
Tinker Bell: Get in line.

Emma: Dear God, someone resurrect Bae or Graham so I can get out of this.

Hook: Don’t worry Emma; I’ll save room for you.


Regina: Tink doesn’t have magic, she’s dead weight.

Charming: Oh….great.

Tinker Bell: why do you look so disappointed?

Snow: It’s sort of our thing; we use magic to get us out of a jam as quick as possible.

Tinker Bell: Why should I help any of you? Pan is like super nuts and powerful and will take it out on me if I help you and you abandon me. Apparently his spies are everywhere so why are we talking about this outside?

Tinker Bell: I’m waiting!

Snow: You can come home with us!
Charming: Er- what?

Tinker Bell: And I’ll get the best mansion in the realm?

Regina: But that’s MY house!

Snow: Deal! You’ll get it and all the fresh clothes you can hope to have!

Charming: Ugh, don’t these two ever change out of their clothes?!

Snow: Hey! I saw you writing that 500 page manuscript earlier, if you’re that bored, I can let you play Angry Birds on my cell phone.

Charming: Hey, how did you know the promise of home would work on Tinker Bell?

Snow: Oh gee, I don’t know, maybe it was because she JUST SAID she didn’t want to be left behind to face Pan’s wrath.

Charming: ……..oh.

Snow: Geez Charming, pay attention.

Snow: Mmmm, man it’s a good thing you’re not dying soon.

Snow: Are you?

Charming: *Giggles* No! No! Cause that’ll be awkward.

Charming: Crap! She knows!

Henry: Stop staring at me! It’s creeping me out!

Henry: Weirdos

Henry: And who littered on my island?

Henry: Oh god, that is MY FACE!

Baelfire: AUGH! It’s a good thing I got a grip like a pit bull! AHHHH!

Baelfire: I landed on a rock! Wait! I know this rock! They moved it!

Baelfire: *Is nostalgic* I recognize that coconut tree
Felix: Welcome to Fe-

Felix: Oh wait, never mind, it’s only you.

Baelfire: That’s right, blondie, the original Island Greeter is BACK!

Baelfire:  And how did you know I’d land here.
Felix: I heard your girly screaming and took a guess.

Hook: Hey Emma, wanna suck my coconut?
Emma: Only because you and Tink pigged out on the mangos.

Tinker Bell: For the last time, I was HUNGRY!

Tinker Bell: It was my garden you idiots pillaged anyway!

Regina: Peasants. I don’t want to share their fire if the campsite isn’t helping me get Henry without a plan.

Tinker Bell: So, you ruined that guys life by not meeting him.
Regina: I like to think that everyone’s life is ruined that don’t meet me.

Regina: Well, those that do live through me turn out…semi okay I guess.
Tinker Bell: Turned out GREAT on my end! *Sarcasm*

Regina: So glad to hear you admit it!
Tinker Bell: *Fumes*

Robin: Hey, who was supposed to bring Roland?
Little John: Wait? We were supposed to bring Roland?
Robin: OH CRAP!

Mulan: Wow, where were all of you when I was defending Safe Haven by my lonesome?

Robin: Wow, you came all that way just to come all the way back, huh?

Mulan: Ooo, nice tat, you rebel.

Mulan: Free space!

Robin: That was…my seat…

 The End

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