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Thursday, March 7, 2013

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  1. I've seen your page, and though I am totally on board with you about the fact that Graham wasn't treated as he should, and that he was a victim deprived of fundamental rights, I think the main reason why some people can sort-of-get Regina is because she never saw the implications of what she did. Of course, trying to describle the situation with Graham as she saw it or as she wanted to see it is wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that she never realized that ripping his heart and giving amnesia was taking away his free will. To her, it was a way to make him stay, and she clearly sees it as a romantic relationship in which he betrays her, tries to go and does what is wrong for them both. I think a lot could be done with Regina's character if she saw others's point of view and sincerely repented out of remorse, instead of making efforts for Henry.

  2. Of course she knew that it was wrong. IT wasn't about a relationship with him, it was to exert power over someone. She knew exactly how it felt when she was forced to do things against her will due to her mother but she just didn't care.

    1. She knew it was wrong, but she never seemed to realize 'the extent' (one of the show's main dramatic ironies is that she turns out like her mother, but never seems to notice). You're right to mention the implications, though. It's like everyone forgets that, and the Regina/Graham shipping is a bit shocking. I hope Graham's next episode will be about him character-wise and actually adress that, but it's probably just dreaming.