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Thursday, February 14, 2013

105 - 'Deleted' Scene

Mr. Gold
: Buddy! How are you?! What are you doing here during the middle of the day? You usually have to treat everyone that’s traumatized from Regina’s rule of evil.

Archie: I had a date with Emma last night!

Mr. Gold: What do you mean by date?

Archie: I mean that we went for a walk….talked some…had dinner.

Mr. Gold: Archie! That’s not a date! That’s what we do!

Archie: Yeah except this is with a chick so it’s TOTALLY a date.

Mr. Gold: Was there hand holding?

Archie: No…

Mr. Gold: Kissing?

Archie: No.

Mr. Gold: Hugging?

Archie: No…

Mr. Gold: Physical contact in any way?

Archie: She patted my shoulder after I walked her to Mary Margaret’s apartment.

Mr. Gold: Well that’s romantic.

Archie: Well at least she doesn’t feel violated every time I look at her!

Mr. Gold: Emma does NOT feel violated every time I look at her. I’ll have you know that she warmed right up to me when I took them out for ice cream.

Archie: It’s because you were in the ball pit trying to impress her while playing with Henry and she was texting and ignoring you!

Mr. Gold: Well it seems like we’re at an impasse. 

Archie: Well let’s put some money on it.

Mr. Gold: Everyone pays ME Archie. They all owe you several IOU’s. I doubt you could afford the price I’d set.

Archie: Well then what do you want to bet?

Mr. Gold: We each try and get Emma to go to a movie with us. If I win, then we stop going to those horrible chick flicks that you insist on going to see during ‘bro’ night. If you win- I don’t know. I’ll tell Graham to stop taking your milk money or something.

Archie: Deal!

Mr. Gold: Prepare to lose, sucker.

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