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Saturday, February 16, 2013

2012 Abridged Comic Con Interview

Regina: Ruling the universe and fan fiction sites.

Emma: Ugh. Probably married to Mr. Gold. And if he’s as fertile as he texts to me then I’m probably going to be expecting quintuplets by the end of that year. And that’ll be naturally. As sad as it is to admit, I don’t expect to resist his charms much longer.

Henry: I hope to be living with at least one person who doesn’t threaten me verbally.


Archie: I hope to actually have a story arc.

Snow White: A relationship that DOESN’T have drama.
Charming: Luckily darling you’re with me and I don’t have that problem.

Abigail: I hope to actually get a resolution to my storyline.

*Jiminy’s parents*

Belle: Hopefully I’ll have my hair untangled and more natural looking.

Regina: My Ming vases? Yes they’re real. Are yours?

Dr. Whale: I would answer that but….I DON’T EVEN KNOW! WHO AM I?! I DON’T KNOW! YOU TELL ME! *Runs out of the room crying*

Rumpelstiltskin: Oh that’s easy. Total leather cat suit. OH! But there have to be doilies! I love doilies.

Emma: Why would I be jealous of Belle? Who is Belle? Oh wait are you talking about Mr. Gold’s bell? Why would I be jealous of an object? I don’t have time for this; I got a wedding to hide from.

Maleficent: I’m sorry…lovable? There are two things wrong with that statement. First off; lovable? Um…have you DATED him?! He’s not that lovable. In fact he’s kind of a grouch. And let’s not even talk about his potty mouth and angry driving. Second; I don’t think most people that watch this show even know who Pete is.

Ruby: Granny.

Ruby: *Is feeling homicidal* Granny’s always had more friends than I have. Maybe if they wouldn’t disappear every full moon…

Charming: *Is confused* I don’t know…I don’t remember! Why does everyone always ask that?

Gold: Me.

Archie: Me.



Archie: Gold. Gold does.

*Is satisfied*

Archie: Just wait Gold. When you least expect it I’ll steal your next girlfriend and then I won’t hang out…that’ll…show you.

The End.

Own nothing.

Can’t you hear that jingle jangle sound? (Oh yyeeessss!)

Don’t cross Rumpelstiltskin and bowling. He won’t care if you’re his best friend or not.

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  1. Uh... those are Geppetto's parents.
    So... Geppetto's dad is a puppet(HORRIFIC), Geppetto's mom is a puppet(HORRIFIC), Geppetto's son Pinocchio is a puppet(HORRIFIC)...

    So when will wooden Bra'tac show up?
    And you hate August a bit too much, he did screw up but hey, you could have too.