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Saturday, February 16, 2013

112 Unofficial 'Deleted Scene'

This isn't an official DVD deleted scene, this is just me being bored and screwing around.

Emma: Hey, you said on the phone that there was an emergency, what’s going on?

Mr. Gold: Hiiiiiii Emma, I was lonely.

Emma: Oh for the sake of all things present and things to come! You have Leroy!

*Whistles while he stares.*

Mr. Gold: Emmmma, I can’t sleep in strange places unless I have a hot blonde next to me. I usually prefer them with your height, your weight, your hairstyle, your choice of clothes…come cuddle with me.

Emma: No.

Mr. Gold: I can’t sleep in strange places unless a hot blonde sings me to sleep. I usually prefer them with your height-

Emma: No.

Mr. Gold: Emmmma: I can’t sleep unless a hot blonde massages my temples-

Emma: Put Leroy in a wig and pay him to do it.

Leroy: EWWWWW! No!

Leroy: Wait, how much are we talking here?

Mr. Gold: Emma, let me out of this cage, I swear I won’t harass you unless you want it.

Emma: You always think I want it.

Mr. Gold: Well that’s beside the point. Will you at least read me to sleep?

Emma: Dear lord, you’re desperate!

Mr. Gold: It’ll be a date! You can dress up nice, and tuck me in and kiss me goodnight and stay with me until I fall asleep….I might get scared so you’ll have to be as close as possible so I know you’re there.

Emma: I don’t think I like the implication of that statement.

Leroy: I want a bedtime story too!


Emma: Great. See what you did? Now Leroy’s going to be nagging me every time he comes in here! There’ll be no shutting him up after this.

Mr. Gold: Well don’t you dare give in! I have dibs!

Emma: You most certainly do not!

Mr. Gold: Do too.

Emma: Do no- How did you call me anyway? You don’t even have a cell phone!

Mr. Gold: I have my ways! Are you astounded yet? Oh wait, it’s a feeling that you have so often when it comes to me that it’s just a normal feeling by now.

Emma: How did you get out of the cell?!

Archie: Wow. Really?

Mr. Gold: Yep.

Archie: You did that to her almost every night that you were in jail?

Mr. Gold: Pretty much.

Archie: You DO know that this isn’t going to endear her in any way to you, don’t you?

Mr. Gold: She’s already endeared to me and she thinks it’s adorable. That’s why she didn’t shoot me the million times she actually threatened to do it.

Archie: Ah.

Mr. Gold: And besides, she broke up with you over dancing lessons. I had to annoy her somehow in revenge of that. 

Archie: And because she put handcuffs on you and not in a good way, right?

Mr. Gold: Yeah. That too. But mostly, I was getting revenge on her for what she did to you.

Archie: *Tears up* That is without a doubt the SWEETEST thing that you’ve ever done for me.

Mr. Gold: *Is tearing up too but doesn’t want Archie to know about it* Yeah yeah, just promise me that when I do succeed in getting her engaged to me that you won’t run off and elope with her the night before the wedding.

Archie: Done! And if any possible long lost relatives who might want to kill you come to town then you have to come to therapy and talk.

Mr. Gold: DANGIT!

The End

Owns Nothing

This is dedicated to FoxfireOUaT's memory and for all of you that have been having a hard time in your life as of late. 

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